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COVID-19 Power BI Dashboard

COVID-19 Power BI Dashboard (LIVE)

Hi Enthusiastic Learners! Here is the COVID-19 Power BI dashboard that we have prepared. This dashboard tracks the latest updates of coronavirus cases in real time.

Dashboard insight video

You can see Sample of our main video tutorial below:


LIVE COVID-19 Power BI dashboard


Dashboard video tutorial


Data source

The dashboard uses three CSV files hosted on WHO website here.

  • 1st dataset comprises of COVID-19 cases by country.csv
  • 2nd dataset is COVID-19 historical cases by country.csv
  • 3rd dataste is COVID-19 China cases by adm 1.csv

COVID-19 Power BI dashboard description

The dashboard has 4 tabs or pages:

  • COVID-19 Overview – This tab gives an overview of how the virus is spreading across the world and the impact it has caused on the world. We are tracking Total confirmed cases, total deaths and new cases (last 24 hours) across the world on this tab.
  • Worst hit countries and KPIs – This tab gives an indication of top 5 countries which are badly hit by the virus and the cumulative death rate among them. In addition to total confirmed cases and total deaths, we are tracking new cases day-on-day percentage change on this tab.
  • Relation between total confirmed cases and total deaths – It contains a scatter plot having confirmed cases on x-axis and total deaths on y-axis. It also has a trend line denoted their relationship. Gauge tracks global death rate KPI in this tab.
  • China Overview – This tab gives an overview of how the virus is spreading in China and at what rate the spread is changing over time.

YouTube channel link

To learn how to create above dashboard, you can check our YouTube channel ML For Analytics.

We will soon be posting more interesting articles & videos to provide you in-depth knowledge of current industry trends. This will be found in Business Intelligence category of our blog.

Stay Tuned & Keep Learning!!

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