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Why use Universal Functions or Built in Functions in NumPy ?

In this Article we will discuss that Why you SHOULD use Universal Functions or Built-in Functions in NumPy? While answering this question we will show you that how much efficient NumPy built-in functions are over standard loops and other approaches.

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Prediction of Quality of Wine

We alsways thought, that “How we can predict quality of Wine?”, in this project we are going to solve that question only. We will be using a Red-Wine data set being provided on Kaggle, can be found at ““. It contains 12 columns or features describing the chemical composition of Wine and its Quality score […]

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Clustering and Its Implementation Using R

Hi MLEnthusiasts! Today, we will implement a case-study involving Credit Card Dataset for Clustering. We will discover customer segments to define marketing strategy. The dataset has been taken from Kaggle and the dataset has the following variables: – CUST_ID – BALANCE – BALANCE_FREQUENCY – PURCHASES – ONEOFF_PURCHASES – INSTALLMENTS_PURCHASES – CASH_ADVANCE – PURCHASES_FREQUENCY – ONEOFF_PURCHASES_FREQUENCY […]

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An Introduction To Clustering

Hi Everyone! I am starting with the clustering series from today. Let’s learn what isĀ  clustering in general in this article. This post will cover the theory behind clustering. What is Clustering? Clustering is defined as the organizing or bringing together elements which are of similar type or nature. For example, if I talk about […]

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