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Table Functions – RELATED and RELATEDTABLE in DAX

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In this video , I have explained the RELATED and RELATEDTABLE function.

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  • Both functions require a relationship between two tables (one-to-many or many-to-one).
  • RELATED and RELATEDTABLE are not iterators.
  • When the RELATED function performs a lookup, it examines all values in the specified table regardless of any filters that may have been applied.
  • The RELATED function needs a row context; therefore, it can only be used in calculated column expression, where the current row context is unambiguous, or as a nested function in an expression that uses a table scanning function.
  • A table scanning function, such as SUMX, gets the value of the current row value and then scans another table for instances of that value.
  • The RELATEDTABLE function performs a context transition from row context(s) to a filter context, and evaluates the expression in the resulting filter context.
  • Important point:
    • In general, the execution order of nested functions or calls is that the innermost function is evaluated first, then outer functions.
    • But this is different for CALCULATE functions.

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